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Cool Campaign April Challenge

April Challenges: Transportation

Unlike other challenges, the ones relating to transportation are the most important for you to tackle, because modifying your transportation habits will have the largest impact on greenhouse gas emissions. Here's why: Each gallon of gas spent to propel the average car produces 19.564 lbs of CO2, which amounts to approximately one pound of CO2 per mile.

How do you choose among the challenges?

It's up to you and your family, of course. Over time, we hope you'll tackle all of the challenges presented by the campaign. To achieve real lifestyle change, small easy steps are a good way to begin for most people.

Let Someone Else Drive
Let Someone Else Drive
How many ways can you avoid consuming fuel just to move yourself around each week?

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Bike to Work with Helmet 2
Use Person Power
One-quarter of all automobile trips in the United States are less than one mile long.

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Monthly Cooling Challenges - Peninsula School Cool
Drive Smarter
Your car is responsible for emitting as much carbon dioxide a year as your entire house. So, improving your car's fuel efficiency is the single best thing you can do to prevent global warming.

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Monthly Cooling Challenges - Peninsula School Cool
Buy A More Fuel Efficient Car
Minivans, SUV's, and pickup trucks now make up 51% of all U.S. vehicles. These vehicles get an average of 16 miles per gallon of gas, compared with a typical passenger car's fuel efficiency of 23 miles per gallon.

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Monthly Cooling Challenges - Peninsula School Cool
Drive Less
Unless a store is one mile away or less, it's more energy-efficient to buy things on-line and have them delivered by truck than to drive to the store yourself.

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Monthly Cooling Challenges - Peninsula School Cool
Fly Less
The single worst thing you can do to contribute to global warming is fly on a plane. Airplane travel is responsible for roughly 2 to 3 percent of the world's global warming emissions, even though only a small fraction of people fly.

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