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200 #'s indicate VC's/DVDs for children. 200 #'s are duplicate or replacement videos of an MRC 16mm film.(no longer available) .
More recent materials are listed in Videocassettes for Children.

NOTE: TEACHERS OF JUNIORS (4th through 6th grades)

You will find material for your students aged for (E) and (J) here. However, the materials aged for (J/JH) and (J/A), which includes much of the material for your students, is listed in the Videocassettes for Youth and Adult section. Please look in the topical index for (J/JH) and (J/A) to find them.

All MRC VC's are VHS unless otherwise noted. All visuals are Color Photos unless otherwise indicated.

-B- (Bible)

VCB-201 STORYLINE VIDEOCASSETTES FOR CHILDREN- (K/E); 9 videos, 3 - 5 1/2 min. stories ea. cassette; American Bible Society.

Annie Valloton, Swiss illustrator of the Good News Bible, uses giant panes of glass to sketch illustrations of key passages of Scripture as she tells stories from the Bible.

.1 HOW THE WORLD BEGAN- The creation story from Gen. 1:1-23.

TWO AND TWO- The story of Noah.

RAINBOW PROMISE- God's covenant with Noah.

.2 GOD PROTECTS- David and Goliath.

STICK BY YOUR FRIEND- David and Jonathan.


.3 A BABY NAMED JESUS- The birth of Jesus.

LED BY A STAR- The story of the Wisemen.

JESUS GROWS UP- The boy Jesus in the temple.

.4 GOING FISHING- Jesus and the miracle of the full fishnet.

AFRAID OF THE STORM- Jesus calms the storm.

JESUS'S PICNIC- Jesus feeds 5,000 people.

.5 HOSANNA DAY- The Palm Sunday story.

IT IS WRITTEN- The story of Easter.

NO MORE DOUBTS- Thomas doubts the resurrection.

.6 LISTENING TO GOD- The parable of the sower.

THE WISE BUILDER- The parable of the wise man and the foolish man.

THE CHEAT WHO CHANGED- Story of Zacchaeus.

.7 SHOW-OFF- The widow's mite.

CONVERSION- The Pharisee and the Publican.

STOP AND LISTEN- Mary and Martha.

.8 THE HAPPY MAN- Jesus heals the paralyzed man.

THANK YOU, JESUS- Jesus heals the lepers.

STORY OF PAUL- Paul's conversion on the road to Damascus.

.9 THE GOOD NEIGHBOR- The parable of the Good Samaritan.

GOD LOVES US- The parable of the Lost Sheep.

RUNAWAY COMES HOME- Parable of the Prodigal Son.

VCB-211 CREATION- (C/A); 9 min.; Billy Budd; Clay Animation.

A delightful, whimsical relating of the creation story based on James Weldon Johnson's black spiritual poem, "God's Trombones".

-F- (Family)

VCF-216 RODEO RED AND THE RUNAWAY- (E); 33 min.; guide; LCA, 1979.

A young girl who refuses to accept her stepmother runs away from home. Through her encounters with "Big Red", a horse, and Ella, an experience-wise woman, Stacy returns to her family with a new awareness and understanding.

VCF-219 MANDY'S GRANDMOTHER- (K/A); 30 min.; Phoenix.

Mandy's grandmother is coming to America for a visit. Mandy has never met her before, but she finds a picture book with a grandmother in the story. When her grandmother arrives, she does not quite fit Mandy's ideal. Mandy and her grandmother eventually overcome these false expectations of one another and learn to love and appreciate each other.

VCF-226 THE PROMISE- (E/A); 15 min.; Paulist, 1977.

When an 11-year-old girl discovers that her horse is being sold and then her father has to break his promise of taking her for a last ride, she has to learn to trust her father in spite of the fact he has had to break his promise. Includes theme of reconciliation.

-G- (God, Death, Grief, Suffering)

VCG-211 MARTIN THE COBBLER- (C/A); 28 min.; Billy Budd; Claymation.

Russian folk tale in which Martin waits for God's visit and then finds that loving visits with his guests were his visits from God.

-H- (Ethnic Heritage)

VCH-202 HOME FREE- (Pri/JH); 20 min.; Phoenix, 1978.

Reverses the traditional story of the ethnic child by placing a white child in an Asian cultural environment. Ten-year-old Kathy learns to adjust to her new Chinese neighborhood with the help of a friendly classmate's grandmother.

VCH-204 MOLLY'S PILGRIM- (E/A); 24 min.; Phoenix, 1985.

An Academy-Award-winning story of a young Russian Jewish immigrant girl and how she overcomes the insensitivity of her classmates and gains acceptance in her new American environment. Ends with a Thanksgiving Day program.

-J- (Jesus)

VCJ-205 THE STRAY- (E/A); 14 min.; Teleketics, 1972.

A modern-day parable of the lost sheep. A bus driver takes a busload of children to the zoo, and when it is time to come home, one of them is missing.

VCJ-208 LOSER TAKE ALL- (E/JH); 13 min.; Paulist, 1978.

A boy loses a bicycle race in order to help his enemy when he falls and becomes dangerously entangled in his bicycle chain in the path of the on-coming racers. Good for use with Good Samaritan or any program on self-sacrifice.

-P- (Personal Development)

VCP-205 A FUZZY TALE- (C/A); 12 min.; Mass Media, 1976.

A delightful fantasy of a land where everyone gives warm fuzzies (love symbols) until they become afraid to give them. Finally a little girl causes them to start giving them again.

VCP-208 GET USED TO ME- (E/A); 16 min.; Paulist, 1976.

A compelling story in which a shy, plain-looking girl struggles to find herself. Good for any group looking at the development of self-worth and acceptance.


A group of animals learn to forget their differences when they have an incident in which they need the differences.

VCP-231 THE GIFT- (E/A); 16:09 min.; No Guide; Brigham Young, 1980.

Pearl S. Buck’s story of the depression in which a 12-year-old boy finds that the greatest gift he can give his father is to do the farm chores on Christmas morning as a surprise for him. Good for any unit on giving oneself as well as an Advent/Christmas lesson.

-V- (Values)

VCV-235 SKATEBOARD- (Pri); 12 min.; Teleketics, 1986.

Sandy breaks the rules on her new skateboard and barely avoids a serious accident. She hides from her parents in fear until she is made to realize that rules are made by her parents because they love her and she must suffer the consequences when she breaks them. Includes a humorous conscience figure that adds to this First Reconciliation film.

-W- (Worship, Witness, Sacraments, Spirituality)

VCW-246, DVW-246 GRANDMA'S BREAD- (E/A); 15 min.; Teleketics, 1986.

Mario's grandmother agrees to make traditional Easter bread (Pane de Pasqual) for his First Communion, but she dies before his Communion day. His mother bakes it instead and they all join hands on the special occasion to echo Grandma's words, "We are a family."