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400#'s indicate VCs/DVDs for youth and adults that are duplicates or replacements of an MRC 16mm film. (no longer available).
More recent VCs/DVDs for youth and adults are listed in the 500 Series.  

NOTE: TEACHERS OF JUNIORS (4th through 6th grades)

You will find materials for your students aged for (J/JH) and (J/A) in the 400's.
All MRC VCs are VHS unless otherwise noted. All visuals are Color Photos unless otherwise noted.

-B- (Bible)

VCB-405 THIS SIDE OF EDEN- (Y/A); 28 min.; Paulist, 1977.

Carol Burnett, Walter Matthau, and Ed Asner star in this humorous rendition of the story of the Garden of Eden. Good for use for creation, sin, and forgiveness.

VCB-409 HOLY MOSES- (Y/A); 25 min.; Paulist/Insight, 1979.

Moses has escaped from Egypt, and is now tending his father-in-law's flocks in Sinai. God visits Moses and asks him to travel to Egypt and liberate his people. Because he lacks self-confidence, Moses suggests Aaron. But God is insistent and Moses finally relents. A comedic treatment of the prelude to the Exodus.

-C- (Church)

VCC-404 MARTIN LUTHER- (J/A); B/W; 115 min.; Bridgestone Group, 1953.

Dramatic story of the 16th century monk who set out to find God's truth and became the father of the Reformation.

VCC-405 MARTIN LUTHER- 30 min.; Lutheran Films, Assoc.

A Abridged version of VCC-404.

VCC-407 WESLEY AND HIS TIMES- (Y/A); 15 min.; UMC.

Biography of John Wesley. Film is a shortened version of the classic and examines the founding and growth of the Wesleyan movement in England. It demonstrates the similarities of the social problems common to Wesley's England and modern times.

VCC-412 EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE- (Y/A); 11 min.; Teleketics, 1979 .

A portrayal of the dedication of Mother Teresa and her sisters who minister to the poor and dying in India. Viewers are challenged to recognize the poor in all those who are abandoned, unwanted and alone.

-F- (Family)

VCF-420 THE LONG ROAD HOME- (SH/A); 27 min.; Paulist (Insight), 1980.

Filled with self-doubt, Jamie Conklin walks out on his fiancé the night before their wedding. He stays at a motel run by a crotchety, yet compassionate, gentleman who identifies himself as God. Through sharing his feelings with God, Jamie gets the message: Love means remaining faithful, no matter what.

-G- (God, Death, Grief, Suffering)

VCG-409 PACKY ROWE- (Y/A); 25 min.; Paulist/Insight, 1978.

A humorous account of the surprise that an aggressive and abrasive theatrical agent (Jack Klugman) feels when he discovers upon his death that God (Bob Newhart) understands him and loves him because he has loved others.

-H- (Ethnic Heritage)

VCH-410 THE EYE OF THE STORM- (E/A); 25 min.; Xerox., 1970.

Documentary which explores the nature of prejudice in a third-grade classroom experiment conducted in a small midwestern town, a town without ghettos or unrest. Demonstrates how quickly wholesome, friendly school children can be infected with discrimination.

VCH-411 BILL COSBY ON PREJUDICE- (JH/A); 25 min.; Pyramid, 1971.

A fascinating and shocking monologue which stimulates thought and discussion about individual prejudices.

-J- (Jesus)

DVJ-401 and VCJ-401  PARABLE- (Y/A); 22 min.; Council of Churches of N.Y. City, 1964.

The central character, a clown who is a Jesus figure, changes the life and attitudes of those around him by his deeds.

VCJ-415 BLESSED BE- (E/A); 8 min.; Paulist, 1979.

A group of mentally challenged children dramatize the meaning of the Beatitudes. A very special film. Could be used with young children who were exploring the topic of the handicapped, but otherwise recommended for 10 or above.

VCJ-417 THE WHITE STAR GARAGE- (Y/A); 27 min.; Paulist, 1982.

A Christmas parable in which Jose Lopez finds a "room at the inn" for the birth of his son. His struggles illustrate the difficulties that people unfamiliar with American culture face in our society. Recommended for use with this theme as well as for Christmas/ Advent use.

VCJ-418 PARDON AND PEACE- (J/A); 11 min.; Teleketics, 1983.

David, a teenage runaway, suffers pain and anguish when his "brokenness" makes him yearn to return home. He learns to say "I'm sorry" in this touching story of separation and reconciliation. Excellent visual interpretation of the true meaning of the joy in forgiveness.

VCJ-419 FIESTA-(E/A); 30 min.; Concordia.

A Mexican-American version of a modern story of the Prodigal Son.

VCJ-420 AMIE- (Y/A); 17 min.; Teleketics, 1986.

A sensitive, young photo journalist has one passion–people. Her life is sacrificed when she attempts to help the poor in the inner city. Amie is a modern Jesus figure.

-K- (Presbyterian)


History of the denomination is narrated by Frank Reynolds of ABC News. Includes famous leaders like John Calvin and John Knox.

-N- (New Testament)

VCN-401/404 GENESIS PROJECT - Each video contains 3 or 4 films of the series. Visual illustrations (filmed in Israel) of narrated text of the RSV Bible. A study kit has been prepared for each film by an ecumenical group of renowned Biblical scholars. Each kit contains 2 filmstrips with commentary on dual-age cassettes, script, and study magazine. It takes 2 hours (or 2 one-hour sessions) to use each study kit effectively. They will not be sent unless specifically ordered.

VCN-401 NATIVITY TO BAPTISM- 60 min. , 1979.

ANNUNCIATIONS (Luke 1)- Gabriel announces birth of John the Baptist to Zechariah; Gabriel tells Mary of Christ's Birth.

THE NATIVITY (Luke 2)- Jesus is born; The Shepherds hear the Good News.

BAPTISM, TEMPTATION AND REJECTION (Luke 3-4). The ministry of John the Baptist; Herod orders John's arrest; The baptism of Jesus; John is arrested; The temptation in the wilderness; Jesus at the synagogue at Capernaum; The healing of Simon's Mother-in-law; The people plead with Jesus to stay; Jesus continues his ministry.

VCN-402 MIRACLES- 90 min.

THE SERMON ON THE PLAIN (Luke 5-6)- Jesus calls the first disciples; The healing of the leper; The healing of the paralytic; The call of Levi; The Lord of the Sabbath; Healing the man with the withered hand; The sermon on the plain.

THE ANOINTING (Luke 7:1-8:39)- The Centurion's slave; The widow's son at Nain; John sends his disciples to question Jesus; Jesus talks about John; The anointing of Jesus; The parable of the sower; Jesus comments about his true relatives; Stilling the storm; The Gerasene demoniac.

THE TRANSFIGURATION (Luke 8:40-9:62).-Jesus heals Jairus's daughter and a woman with an issue of blood; Jesus sends out the twelve disciples; Herod wonders who Jesus is; Jesus feeds the five thousand; The confession; Jesus predicts his Passion; Jesus talks about discipleship; The transfiguration; The healing of an epileptic boy; Jesus again predicts his Passion; The dispute over who is the greatest; The Samaritan villagers reject Jesus; The cost of discipleship.

THE LORD'S PRAYER (Luke 10-11).- The mission of the seventy; The parable of the good Samaritan; Mary and Martha; The Lord's Prayer; The Beelzebub controversy; Jesus warns the Pharisees and Lawyers.

VCN-403 PARABLES- 60 min.

THE MUSTARD SEED (Luke 12-13)- Whom to fear; The parable of the rich fool; Trust in God, Watchful servants; The unwise stewards; Understanding the time; The parable of the unfruitful fig tree; The healing of the crippled woman; The Kingdom; The narrow door, Jerusalem.

THE PRODIGAL SON (Luke 14-15).- A Sabbath cure; On humility; Parable of the banquet; On being a disciple; Repentant sinners; The lost sheep and the piece of silver; The parable of the prodigal son.

TEACHINGS (Luke 16-17)- The clever steward; Material wealth; The law, the rich man and Lazarus; Four sayings of Jesus; Ten lepers; The days of the Son of Man.

ENTRY INTO JERICHO (Luke 8:1-19:28)- The widow and the judge; The Pharisee and the tax collector; Jesus and the children; A rich man, prediction of death and resurrection; The blind beggar; Zacchaeus; The parable of the pounds.


JERUSALEM (Luke 19:29-20:47)- Entry into Jerusalem; Lament for Jerusalem; Expelling the merchants; Teaching in the Temple; Parable of the tenants; Tribute to Caesar; Resurrection of the dead; Both Son and Lord of David; The Scribes condemned.

THE LAST SUPPER (Luke 21-22)- The poor widow; The catastrophes to come; The parable of the fig tree; The betrayal; The Passover preparation; The Last Supper; The agony in the garden; The arrest; Peter's denial; Before the council.

THE CRUCIFIXION (Luke 23:1-49)- Jesus before Pilate; Jesus before Herod; Pilate sentences Jesus; The way of the cross; The crucifixion; Jesus dies on the cross.

RESURRECTION AND ASCENSION (Luke 23:50-23:53)- The burial; The women at the tomb; On the road to Emmaus; Emmaus; Jesus appears to the eleven;The Ascension.

-O- (Old Testament)

VCO-401/404 GENESIS PROJECT-(C/A), 1979.

Each video contains 3 or 4 films of the series- Visual illustrations (filmed in Israel) of narrated text of the RSV Bible. A study kit has been prepared for each film by an ecumenical group of renowned Biblical scholars. Each kit contains 2 filmstrips with commentary on dual-age cassettes, script, and study magazine. It takes 2 hours (or 2 one-hour sessions) to use each study kit effectively. They will not be sent unless specifically ordered.

VCO-401 THE BEGINNING- 60 min.

CREATION (Genesis 1-2:4)- The seven days of creation.

ADAM AND EVE (Genesis 2:4-25 & 3:1-24)- Creation of man; Creation of Eve; The Fall, the punishment and expulsion.

CAIN AND ABEL (Genesis  4:1-16). Rejection and slaying; God's judgment.

NOAH AND THE FLOOD (Genesis 6-9:17). Corruption of mankind; Noah; the flood; the waters decline; sacrifice; covenant.

VCO-402 ABRAHAM- 90 min.

THE JOURNEYS (Genesis 11:31-13:18)- Abram leaves Ur; Sojourn in Egypt; To the land of Canaan.

THE PROMISE (Genesis 14-17)- The rescue of Lot; God's promise; The birth of Ishmael; The covenant.

SODOM AND GOMORRAH (Genesis 18-19)- The sin of Sodom; The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah; Abraham bargains for Lot's family; Lot's wife becomes salt.

THE BINDING OF ISAAC (Genesis 20-22)- Incidents with Abimelech; The birth of Isaac; The binding of Isaac; Isaac is spared; God provides a sacrifice.

VCO-403 ISAAC, ESAU, JACOB- 120 min.

REBEKAH (Genesis 23-25:18)- The death of Sarah; The cave of Machpelah; The search for a bride for Isaac; Rebekah at the well; The marriage is arranged; The wedding of Isaac and Rebekah; The death of Abraham.

ESAU AND JACOB (Genesis 25:19-28:9)-. The birth of Esau and Jacob; The birthright; Isaac at Gerar; Esau's marriage; Jacob's deception; The blessing; Esau's portion; Jacob departs.

RACHEL AND LEAH (Genesis 29:10-30:43)- Jacob goes to Laban; Jacob marries Leah and Rachel; Jacob works for fourteen years.

ISRAEL (Genesis 31-32)- Jacob leaves Haran; Laban's pursuit; Laban confronts Jacob; Truce, messengers and gifts; Jacob wrestles with an angel.

THE COVENANT CONTINUES (Genesis 33-36)- The reconciliation of Jacob and Esau; The rape of Dinah; The ruse; Circumcision; Revenge; The pagan Gods are buried; Israel and the Covenant; The birth of Benjamin; Reuben's offense; The death of Isaac.

VCO-404 JOSEPH- 90 min.

THE DREAMER (Genesis 37-38)- Joseph's coat; Joseph's two dreams; Joseph sold into slavery; Judah's three sons; Tamar's deception; The deception revealed.

VIZIER OF EGYPT (Genesis 39-41:46)- In the house of Potiphar; The butler and the baker; Pharaoh's dream; Vizier.

JOSEPH'S BROTHERS (Genesis 41:46-44:2)- Seven years of plenty; Famine comes; The first journey to Egypt; Home in Canaan; The second journey to Egypt; In Joseph's house.

RECONCILIATION (Genesis 44:3-47:26)- Joseph's silver cup; The reconciliation; Jacob goes to Egypt; Jacob in Egypt; The famine.

ISRAEL IN EGYPT (Genesis 47:27-50:26)- Joseph's promise to Jacob; Ephraim and Manasseh; Jacob's last testament and death; Jacob's funeral; The brothers' plea; Joseph's dream.

-P- (Personal Development)

VCP-415 PEEGE- (Y/A); 28 min. Phoenix Films, 1974.

Peege, a beloved grandmother, sharer of mischief and midnight snacks, is now old, blind, and living in a nursing home in a state of senility. Film describes a family's Christmas visit to the grandmother. Seen through the eyes of her oldest grandson, memories of the grandmother's active, vital past continually flash before the viewer. As the family struggle vainly to communicate, a sense of despair emerges but the young man makes one last attempt to penetrate the loneliness. Her smile ends the film.

VCP-427 A STEP TOO SLOW- (J/A); 25 min.; Paulist, 1981.

A young basketball player is brought to the realization that his own problem of being dropped from the team diminishes in importance as he learns of the problems facing his new Vietnamese friend. In spite of poverty, she still remains joyous. He begins to develop his musical and writing talent and in a touching climax sings to the class of his hurt.

VCP-444 THE BET- (Y); 27 min.; Paulist, 1985.

Brian cruises with his friends taunting the prostitutes and laughing at the derelicts on Skid Row. One of his companions bets him that he won't spend a week-end on Skid Row. He takes the bet, and the experiences he has during the week-end leave him a changed person as he has grown in compassion and maturity.

VCP-448 EVERYBODY RIDES THE CAROUSEL- (Y/A); 3 24 min. parts on one video; Pyramid, 1975.

Invites the viewer along on "rides through the human life cycle" that is described by Erik Erikson. A profound and joyous excursion into the experience of life. Life's problems and delights are made vivid so that each viewer sees his own life on the carousel in the animated collage. Good for use with teachers, parents, or any group looking at Erikson's stages.

Part 1-Stage 1-Newborn (trust & mistrust)

        Stage 2-Toddlers (shame & doubt)

        Stage 3-Childhood (initiative & guilt)

Part 2-Stage 4-School age (competence & inferiority both felt)

        Stage 5-Adolescence (identity vs. confusion)

        Stage 6-Young Adult (intimacy vs. isolation)

Part 3-Stage 7-Adulthood (mature concern for the next generation vs. purpose-less stagnation)

        Stage 8-Seniors (sense of accomplishment vs. despair and fear of death)

-V- (Values)

-W- (Worship, Witness, Sacraments)

VCW-401 BAPTISM- (J/A); 8 min.; Teleketics, 1976.

The touching story of an orphan named Alfredo. Scarred by fire, he wanders from place to place until he discovers an orphanage full of happy and well-cared-for children who accept him as he is.

VCW-411 BREAD AND WINE; THEY SHALL SEE; WATER AND SPIRIT- (Y/A); 17 min. total; Three films on one video, Teleketics, 1972.

BREAD AND WINE- (5 min.) Visualized process of the planting of the seeds to the making of the bread and wine to be served at communion. Visualization of the community sharing the bread and wine

THEY SHALL SEE- (6 min.) No words are used but the visuals, as through a microscope of the earth and the world around us, and the music lead to a prayerful meditation on the God of the Universe and God the creator.

WATER AND SPIRIT- (6 min.) A poetic montage taking its theme from the water images of Exodus, illustrates the power, beauty and life-giving attributes of water.

VCW-413 MISSION TO LOVE- (Y/A); 28 min.; Guide; Franciscan Communications, 1977.

A Peace Corps worker in Latin America gets involved with adopting a young boy who subsequently is killed for his connection with the American. The love he has felt for the boy shows him the true meaning of commitment and he later returns as a missionary. (A moving true story.)

VCW-425 EUCHARIST- (Y/A); 9 min.; Teleketics, 1975.

Helps Christians experience the meaningfulness of ritual and pattern, especially that of death and resurrection, through the use of images: clouds, rain, a rescued wounded soldier, a boy finally accepted into the game, a child bringing laughter and flowers into the lonely lives of the aged.

VCW-426 AND THEN- (Y/A); 16 min.; Mass Media.

A delightful parable about discipleship–especially useful for confirmation classes. Ten oversized Bibles are presented to young people at their confirmation. Gradually most of them abandon the Bibles for various reasons, but two or three remain faithful. Good discussion for youth and adults.

VCW-433 TO CLIMB A MOUNTAIN- (Y/A); 25 min.; Guide; Paulist, 1982.

Steve's father and coach become upset when he threatens his All State Wrestling Championship by promising to take the son of an impoverished African-American family climbing the week before the match. The video includes themes of witness and prejudice.

VCW-434 LIVING EUCHARIST- (J/A); 10 min.; Teleketics, 1982.

Uses celebration of a parish Mass as background for 3 simple moving stories that reveal God's presence in the "breaking of the bread". Includes a white neighbor accepting a black neighbor; a teenager and a senior citizen becoming friends; and an anti-nuclear demonstrator and a workman in a nuclear plant accepting each other.

VCW-444 THE CHOICE- (Y); 19 min.; Teleketics; 1984.

Shows a girl's resistance to confirmation classes, especially having to do social service instead of doing fun things with her peers. She makes a new friend and begins helping her work with older and handicapped people. Her attitude towards confirmation changes when the friend dies and she discovers that carrying on the work of her friend is part of the confirmation process.

DVW-449 and VCW-449  IN REMEMBRANCE- (Y/A); 47 min.; Evangelical Films, 1979.

The humanity of the disciples is very accurately and touchingly portrayed in this powerful film showing the historical setting of the Lord's Supper in the Passover liturgy.

-Y- (Youth)