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- B - (Bible)

NOTE: THE GENESIS PROJECT (VCN-400's and VCO-400's) also makes an excellent Bible Study Series.

VCB-800 and VCB-801 STANDARD BIBLE STUDY- (Y/A); RSV, 1985.
The beginning of a series of studies from the Revised VCB-801 Standard Version of the Bible. Each episode has one or more tapes which are designed to be used in weekly study sessions. Each session on the tape is 15 minutes. Renowned scholars participate in each episode and visuals include animated maps and charts, interviews with scholars, and scenes from the places where the action of the episode occurred.


.1 JOSHUA-JUDGES- (8 sessions) Dr. Walter Harrelson, Vanderbilt Divinity School; Dr. Edward Greenstein, Jewish Theological Seminary of America; Dr. Norman K. Gottwald, New York Theological Seminary; and Dr. Katharine D. Sakenfeld, Princeton Theological Seminary. 1985.

.2 JEREMIAH- (8 sessions) Dr. Yochanan Muffs, Jewish Theological Seminary; Dr. Leo Perdue, Phillips Univ.; Dr. Wolfgang Roth, Garret-Evangelical Theological Seminary; and Dr. James Ward, Perkins School of Theology, SMU. 1987.

.3 1ST AND 2ND SAMUEL- (12 sessions, 2 videos) Dr. Randall Bailey, Interdenominational Theological Center; Dr. David Gunn, Columbia Theological Seminary; Dr. P. Kyle McCarter Jr., Johns Hopkins Univ.; and Dr. Joel Rosenburg, Tufts Univ. 1987.

.4 GENESIS- (12 sessions, 2 videos) Dr. Walter Brueggeman, Columbia Theological Seminary; Dr. Edward Greenstein, Jewish Theological Seminary; Dr. Walter Harrelson, Vanderbilt Divinity School; and Dr. James Sanders, Theological School at Claremont. 1989.


.1 GOSPEL OF MARK- (8 sessions) Dr. Herman Waetjen, San Francisco Theological Seminary; Dr. Fernando Segovia, Vanderbilt Divinity School; Dr. John Donahue, S.J., Jesuit School of Theology; and Dr. Steve Reid, Pacific School of Religion. 1985.


.3 1ST AND 2ND CORINTHIANS- (8 sessions) Dr. Victor Paul Furnish and Dr. Jouette Bassler, Perkins School of Theology S.M.U.; Dr. Hans Dieter Betz, Univ. of Chicago Divinity School; and Dr. Wayne Meeks, Yale Univ. 1987.

.4 GOSPEL OF JOHN- (12 sessions, 2 videos) Dr. Alan Culpepper, Southern Bapt. Theological Seminary; Dr. Robert Kysar, Lutheran Theological Seminary; Dr. Gail O'Day, Candler School of Theology at Emory University; Dr. Pheme Perkins, Boston College; Dr. Fernando Segovia, Vanderbilt Divinity School; Dr. Moody Smith, Duke University Divinity School, 1988.

.5 LETTERS OF JOHN- (4 sessions) Dr. Robert Kysar, Lutheran Theological Seminary; Dr. Gail O'Day. Candler School of Theology at Emory University; Dr. Pheme Perkins, Boston College; and Dr. Fernando Segovia, Vanderbilt Divinity School, 1988.

VCB-802 TEN BIBLE PEOPLE LIKE ME - BY JAMIE BUCKINGHAM- (Y/A); 10 12-min. episodes; Workbook not to be copied; Paraclete Press, 1987.

Jamie Buckingham on location in Israel gives 12 min. character sketches of Bible people with applications for today. Includes: Abraham, Joshua & Caleb, Deborah, Gideon, David, Elijah, John the Baptist, Mary & Elizabeth, John Mark, and Simon Peter.

VCB-803 WHOLE AND FORGIVEN: A Bible Study Experience With WALTER WINK- (A); 25 to 35 min.; Guide; EcuFilm, 1992.

Using role-play and discussion, Walter Wink involves his students in a Bible study on some miracles and a parable of Jesus.







VCB-804 SCRIPTURES ALIVE SERIES (Dr. David Otto & Kathleen La Camera)- (A); 6 videos, 30 min. ea.; Guide; EcuFilm, 1994.

"Scriptures Alive" is a new, exciting resource that pushes the limit and challenges the viewer to think and make decisions about issues, culture and news facing our world today. Each program, in television format, although controversial at times, is filled with Biblical stories and theological insights.

.1 GOD PREFERS THE POOR?- Shows how the Bible describes God as holding a special preference for the poor and downtrodden of the world.

.2 WILL THE REAL JESUS PLEASE STAND UP?- Deals with the questions: "What is the value of discovering the 'Historical Jesus' and what secrets might we discover?"  "Did Jesus actually die on a cross and resurrect from the dead?" and "What about the healings?"

.3 VIOLENCE AND THE FAITH- Explores the history of violence in the Bible and how this tradition moves us toward a non-violent, peaceful society.

.4 MANY RELIGIONS, ONE GOD- Deals with diversity in religion in modern society and discusses Biblical experiences of religious diversity.

.5 RELIGION AND POLITICS- Discusses whether the debate between conservatives has a Biblical basis. Asks whether Jesus was a conservative, a liberal or a politically radical peasant.

.6 THE GRAYING OF THE CHURCH- What did it mean to grow old in Biblical times? Does the Bible provide any insight on the nature of elder adulthood and the status of elders in society?

VCB-805 WHO WROTE THE BIBLE?- (Y/A); 2 videos, 12 sessions; 75 min. ea.; Multimedia Entertainment, Inc., 1994/95.

This video set chronicles new scientific research and theological insights into the origin of the Holy Scriptures. Leading Bible experts journey back to the land and the times of the Bible's creation to probe its most profound mysteries.


Part 1 - In the Beginning- Traces the origin of Scriptures. Christian and Jewish authorities give opinions and theories. The Apocrypha is explained.

Part 2 - The Legacy deals with the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Part 3 - Holy Words discusses the different sources of the Pentateuch.

Part 4 - A Nation Divided talks about Israel and Judah.

Part 5 - The Written Word includes the Babylonian exile and the teachings of Ezra

Part 6 - The Hebrew Bible discusses the 1st century and the first canonization of the Bible.


Part 7 - God Spell- Talks about similarities between Gospels, their sources and their authors.

Part 8 - A New Testament Emerges- Discusses chronology, authors, and canonization of the New Testament.

Part 9 - Out of the Past- Discusses sources that are not part of the canon.

Part 10 - Emergence- Traces the development of the Bible from Jerome's translation to the King James Bible.

Part 11 - Mystical Text - Explores the significance of the Hebrew language in the Biblical text.

Part 12 - Living Words - Portrays the Bible as a timeless document which helps bring man into relationship with God.

VCB-806 MYSTERIES OF THE BIBLE hosted by Richard Kiley and Jean Simmons- (A); 7 videos; 50 min. ea.; Multimedia Entertainment, 1994/95.

The series sheds light on some of the most intriguing mysteries of the Bible. Well-known authors and scholars comment on background material for familiar Biblical stories. Artistic presentations, which include paintings, photographs, and hieroglyphics, are given during the commentary.

.1 ABRAHAM: ONE MAN, ONE GOD- Fifteen hundred cuneiform tablets discovered at the ancient city of Ebla hold surprising clues to the riddle of Abraham. Esteemed scholars follow a trail of discovery and revelation that leads from the lands of Mesopotamia and Canaan to Jerusalem's holiest site.

.2 JOSEPH: MASTER OF DREAMS- This dramatic investigation into the life of Joseph travels from the land of the Israelites to the land of the Pharaohs, in search of answers to what remains one of the Bible's most intriguing chapters.

.3 THE PHILISTINES: ARCH ENEMY- Constant battles with the Philistines are the cornerstones of some of the Bible's greatest tales. New archaeological discoveries have uncovered a wealth of information about the Philistines' way of life. World-renowned archaeologists share information about Jerusalem, Ashkelon, Gazer, and Gaza–capitals of the Philistine empire.

.4 PROPHETS: SOUL CATCHERS- Discusses the apocalyptic messages, visions, and prophecies of the Old Testament prophets and shows how the prophecies were fulfilled.

.5 QUEEN ESTHER: FAR AWAY AND LONG AGO- Takes the viewer to the magnificent ruins of the ancient Persian palace of Persepolis and unearths surprising secrets that cast a new light on this ancient Biblical mystery of the story of Esther.

.6 THE EXECUTION OF JESUS- Scholars and archaeologists make a historical inquiry into the Biblical account of the last days of Jesus's life. The viewer is taken through the streets of Jerusalem to a tomb in a cave near Mt. Zion.

.7 THE APOCALYPSE: THE PUZZLE OF REVELATION- Scholars discuss the puzzling and powerful book of Revelation. Surprising answers to Revelation mysteries are found at ancient Megiddo, site of many famous Biblical battles thought to be the Armageddon of Revelation.

VCB-807 THAT THE WORLD MAY KNOW SERIES- (A); 6 videos; 18 20-min. lessons; Guide; Focus on the Family, 1996.

This video series transports the viewer to the lands of the Old and New Testaments to explore the fascinating geographical and cultural backdrop for scriptural events. Educator and historian Raynard Vander Laan reveals the Bible's historical context and its significance to modern believers

A.1 Lesson 1- "Standing at the Crossroads" - Archaeological discoveries at Tel Gezer illustrate God's desire for us to impact our culture rather than hide from it.

Lesson 2- "Wet Feet" - Crossing the Jordan River required an act of faith which showed how God calls his people to be willing to step out in total commitment to Him.

Lesson 3- "First Fruits" - As Jericho was set apart from the rest of the land as belonging to God, Christians today are to recognize God's claim on our possessions, talents, and gifts as his "first fruits."

A.2 Lesson 4- "Confronting Evil" - The Shephelah (foothills) were the dividing line between God's people and the pagan Philistines, a reminder that Christians need to be distinct from their culture to confront it effectively.

Lesson 5- "Iron of Culture" - God enabled David to use the Philistines' iron-making expertise to the Israelites' advantage. Christians today are called to use leading-edge technology to produce a positive effect on our culture.

B.1 Lesson 6- "Innocent Blood" - Talks about idol worship and child-sacrifice at Tel Megiddo.

Lesson 7- "Who Is God?" - Elijah, on Mt. Carmel, demonstrated who God really is to the world and to the prophets of Baal.

Lesson 8- "Wages on Sin" - The Assyrian siege and destruction of Lachish show God's attitude toward the sin of a culture paralleling our own.

B.2 Lesson 9- "The Lord is my Shepherd" - Rediscover the analogy of God as shepherd through the spiritual lessons of the Bedouins in the Negev.

Lesson 10- "God with Us" - Once God lived in the Holy of Holies of a temple very similar to the one in Arad, but now He lives in Christian People.

C.1 Lesson 11- "In the Shadow of Herod" - (Herodian) Contrasts the crumbled empires of men with the eternal empire of Christ.

Lesson 12- "My Rock and My Fortress" (Masada) - Shows why the Christian's defense to corruption is God, our Masada (fortress).

Lesson 13- "The Time Had Fully Come" (Qumran) Outlines an approach to teaching the Bible in a way that speaks to the culture.

Lesson 14- "No Greater Love"- (Chorazin/Mt. of Beatitudes) - Illustrates Jesus's great love for mankind using first-century Jewish marriage customs and parables.

C.2 Lesson 15- "The Rabbi" (Gamla) - Encourages Christians to rise above the culture and model Jesus's teachings.

Lesson 16- "Language of Culture" (Sepphoris) - Reveals why understanding the popular culture of Jesus's time is key to relating the Gospel's relevance.

Lesson 17- "Misguided Faith" (Belvoir) - Champions the use of compassionate persuasion to capture people's hearts.

Lesson 18- "Living Water" (En Gedi) - Proclaims Jesus as the spiritual refreshment that will quench our thirst for eternity.

D.1 Lesson 19- "When Storms Come" (Sea of Galilee) - Emphasizes the need to be confident in the face of opposition.

Lesson 20- "Piercing the Darkness" (Kursi) - Explores Jesus's decision to confront evil rather than wait for it to come to Him.

Lesson 21- "Gates of Hell" (Caesarea Philippi) - Challenges Christians aggressively to confront the power of evil rather than take a defensive attitude.

Lesson 22- "City of the Great King" (Jerusalem) - Provides the foundation for the event of the Passion Week.

Lesson 23- "The Lamb of God" (Mount of Olives) - Examines Jesus's choices of time, place, and message of Passion Week.

D.2 Lesson 24- "The Weight of the World" (Capernaum/Gethsemane) - Creates new appreciation for what occurred at Gethsemane and Jesus's great sacrifice.

Lesson 25- "Roll Away the Stone" (Garden Tomb) - Focuses on Jesus's burial, the depth of His love for man and the new life that love represents.

Lesson 26- "Power to the People" (Southern Stairs) - Highlights God's presence within the believer and the empowering nature of the Holy Spirit.

Lesson 27- "Total Commitment" (Caesarea) - Contrasts Herod, who built a kingdom for his own glory, and David, who lived for God.

E The E series is entitled FAITH LESSONS ON THE EARLY CHURCH- (A); 2 videos; 5 sessions; 130 minutes total; Leader’s and participant’s guides; Zondervan, 2000.

Filmed on location in Israel and Turkey, this video series brings God’s Word to life with astounding relevance. By weaving together the Bible’s fascinating, historical, religious, and geographical contexts, Ray Vander Laan reveals keen insights into Scripture’s significance for modern believers.

.1 (1) CAESARA PHILIPPI: EVERYTHING TO LOSE, NOTHING TO GAIN- In the midst of pagan self-indulgences, Jesus challenged his disciples to deny themselves and follow Him.

(2) SARDIS- THE SALT OF THE EARTH- The apostle John used the example of Sardis, a city that overlooked its weak points, enabling invading armies to conquer it, to warn Christians to be alert to their weaknesses.

(3) PERGAMUM - WHERE SATAN LIVES- John reminded Christians in this powerful pagan city that Jesus alone--not the Roman governor--holds all power, including the power of life and death.

.2 (4) EPHESUS - THE MARK OF THE BEAST- In this wealthy beautiful center of idolatry, Paul unashamedly proclaimed the truth of the Gospel.

(5) LAODICEA - HOT OR COLD- Laodiceans had a unique understanding of why lukewarm water was worthless.

VCB-808 UNDERSTANDING THE BIBLE- (A); 2 videos, 30 min. ea.; No guide; Harvest Video.

These two videos by Kenneth Bailey help the viewer to understand how the Bible was formed and how it should be interpreted.

.1 INSPIRATION AND HOW OUR BIBLE WAS FORMED- Dr. Bailey looks at how the Bible came together and at the one Gospel in which the author tells us how he got his material.

.2 THE SEVEN SINS OF BIBLE INTERPRETATION- Ken Bailey looks at seven major errors in studying the Bible. Once those errors are identified, they can be avoided in the study of the Scriptures.

VCB-809 WHAT'S GOD UP TO?: BIBLE STORIES THROUGH NEW EYES- (Y/A); 2 videos 170 min.; Guide; EcuFilm, 2001.

Biblical scholar and author Amy-Jill Levine asks edgy questions about familiar Bible stories, causing them to lose their familiarity so we can think about them in new ways.

.1 VOLUME 1- (85:08 min.)

Program 1 - The Temptation in the Garden (28:26 min.)

Program 2 - The Sacrifice of Isaac (28:53 min.)

Program 3 - David and Bathsheba

.2 VOLUME 2 - (84:13 min.)

Program 4 - The Prodigal Son (28:42 min.)

Program 5 - The Canaanite Woman (27:28 min.)

Program 6 - Jesus with Mary and Martha (28:03 m.)

VCB-810 THE BIBLE AND WESTERN CULTURE- (A); 4 videos, 24 sessions; Guide; Teaching Company, 1996.

Professor Michael Sugrue received his doctorate in history from Columbia University. He now teaches at Princeton University. Professor Andrea Ford (guest lecturer in Part I) , Professor David Thurn and Professor Robert Hollander (guest lecturers in Part II) also teach at Princeton University.

.1 Part I covers historical origins of the Hebrew Bible through Genesis, Exodus, Job, and Isaiah. The New Testament is examined through Matthew, Luke, John, Act, and Revelation. Thematic connections between selected books of the Bible and identifying major Biblical themes are explained in relationship to Western tradition.

A. Lectures 1 - 6

1. The Gilgamesh Epic

2. Genesis: Introduction to Biblical Study

3. Exodus: Toward the Law

4. Job and the Problem of Evil

5. Isaiah: Swords into Plowshares

6. Matthew: the New Law

B. Lectures 7 - 12

7. Luke and Acts: From Jerusalem to Rome

8. John: The Unbroken Net of Scripture

9. The Pauline Tradition

10. Revelation and the Eschaton

11. Augustine and the Christian Self

12. Meister Eckhart: From Whom God Hid Nothing

.2 Part II delves into Christian thought and Biblical themes found in Western literature from Dante to Shakespeare to Joyce.

A. Lectures 13 - 18

13. Justice and Poetry: Dante's Book of the Dead

14. Ugolino: "Last Sympathetic Sinner"

15. Cantos I and II of Purgatorio: Typology and Poetry

16. Utopia: Between Heaven and Earth

l7. Luther and the Reformation

l8. Shakespeare: Measure for Measure

B. Lectures 19 - 24

l9. Milton: Paradise Lost

20. Hume, Swift, and the Collapse of Deism

21. Kierkegaard's Leap of Faith

22. Dostoyevsky's The Idiot and the Book of


23. Nietzsche and the Death of God

24. Joyce: From Religion to Art

VCB-811 WORD ALIVE!- (A); 3 videos, 10 sessions; 20 min. ea.; Leader's guide, participant's guide and workbooks; tabgha foundation, 1995.

This Bible study course has three distinct components. A comprehensive study manual starts with the story and message of the Bible, its transmissions and various translations, and its interpretation. It then examines the history of the church from the first century to the twentieth, and the coming of Christianity to America.


Session 1 - The Story and Message of the Bible with Dr. David Tiede

Session 2 - The Hebrew Scriptures with Dr. Katheryn Darr


Session 3 - The Life and Ministry of Jesus with Dr. Cain Hope Felder

Session 4 - The Four Gospels with Dr. Donald H. Juel

Session 5 - The Apostle Paul with Dr. Calvin J. Roetzel

Session 6 - The History of Christianity with Dr. Martin Marty


Session 7 - What Christians Believe with Dr. James W. Sire

Session 8 - Other Cultures in Our Midst with Dr. Raymond J. Bakke

Session 9 - The Christian Life with Dr. David W. Gill

Session 10 - Christ and Culture with Dr. Tony Campolo

DVB-812 MYSTERIES OF THE BIBLE: THE BIBLE'S GREATEST HEROES- (Y/A); 2 DVD’s; No Guide; 4 sessions, 200 min.; A and E, 1994.

Filmed on location throughout the Holy Land, this collection explores the latest archaeological discoveries and scientific research to tell the story of four men behind Christianity’s greatest teachings.

         .1   ABRAHAM:  ONE MAN, ONE GOD- Also available on video.  See VCB-806.1.

               JOSEPH:  MASTER OF DREAMS- Also available on video.  See VCB-806.2.


               JESUS:  HOLY CHILD

DVB-813 COUNTERING PARAOH’S PRODUCTION-CONSUMPTION SOCIETY TODAY: HELP RESTORE THE MEANING OF COVENANT with Walter Brueggemann- (A); 4-5 sessions, 1 hr. ea.; CD with reproducible written materials; Guide; Living the Questions, 2006.
Walter Brueggemann is an Old Testament scholar and retired professor from Columbia Theological seminary.  He shows how our “production-consumption society” today takes us out of covenant and returns us to slavery.  The five sessions are:
        1.    The Way Out
        2.    The Decalogue
        3     Countering Caesar
        4.    An Act of Imagination
        5.    On Not Doing God Any Favors

.DVB-814   GOOD GOD THEATER SERIES - (YA); DVD series; Guide; Abingdon, 2008.
A myriad of actors in Ted & Company TheaterWorks bring to life stories from the Old Testament with freshness and humor.  This DVD series will capture the imagination and hearts of youth and adults alike and may even send them back to their Bibles to check out the "real" stories for themselves.

   .1    ACT 1:  OLD TESTAMENT – 16 sessions, 4 – 10 min. ea.
        1.    Creation Genesis 1:1 – 2:25 (9 min.)
        2.    Cain and Abel – Genesis 4:1-16 (4 min.)
        3.    The Flood – Genesis 6:1-8:22 (10 min.)
        4.    Babel – Genesis 1:1-9 (9 min.)
        5.    Jacob and Esau – Genesis 25:19-34, 27:1-45, 32:3-33:11
        6.    Joseph – Genesis 37, 39:1-45:28 (7 min.)
        7.    The Midwife – Exodus 1:8-21 (7 min.)
        8.    Golden Calf – Exodus 32 (8 min.)
        9.    Leviticus – Leviticus 19:1-37 (4 min.)
       10. David and Bathsheba – 2 Samuel 11:1-12:23 (6 min.)
       11. Song of Solomon – Random Proverbs and the Song of Solomon (9 min.)
       12. Prophet Radio – Hosea 1:2-8, Isaiah 9:2-7 (5 min.)
       13. Jeremiah – Jeremiah 13:1-11 (4 min.)
       14. Jonah 1-4 (9 min.)
       15. Advent – Isaiah 9:6, Luke 1:5-20 (8 min.)

    .2    ACT 2: NEW TESTAMENT – 16 sessions, 4 – 16 min. ea.
        1.    Gabriel’s Announcement - Luke 1:26-38 - ( 15 min.)
        2.    Temptation – Matt. 4:1-11 (7 min.)
        3.    The Call – Luke 5:1-11 (6 min.)
        4.    Feeding 5000 – Mark 6:30-40; John 6:1-14 (11 min.)
        5.    Sermon on the Mount – Matt. 5:1-7, 28 (9 min.)
        6.    Don’t tell Anyone – Matt. 17:1-13, Mark 9:2-9, Luke 9:28-36 (4.5 min.)
        7.    Last Supper – Matt. 26:1-29, Mark 14:12-25, Luke 22:14-20, John 13:1-17 (9 min.)
        8.    Arrest and Denial – Matt. 26:47-75, Mark 14:26-72, Luke 22:47-62, John 18:1-27 (7 min.)
        9.    Breakfast on the Beach – John 21:3-12 (13 min.)
        10. Pentecost – Acts 2:1-13 (6 min.)
        11. Larry the Lame Guy – Acts 3:1-10 (4 min.)
        12. Peter’s Vision – Acts 8:26-40 (5 min.)
        13. Philip and the Ethiopian – Acts 8:26-40 (5 min.)
        14. Jerusalem Council - Acts 15:1-21 (7 min.)
        15. Paul in Prison – Col. 3:12-17 (10 min.)
        16. Don’t Be Afraid – Rev. 21:3-4 & more (8 min.)
VCB-815  THE BONANZA BIBLE STUDY - (Y/A); Leader’s guide; 3 videos, 4 sessions ea., 30 min per session; The Entertainment Ministry, 2003 (Gift).  

With practical applications for daily living, all three volumes of this popular series feature classic episodes of “Bonanza” with relevant scriptures for use as modern parables on the teachings of Jesus.


                  Ep. 1 Day of Reckoning - Follow Ben Cartwright as he helps to transform a Native American who saved his life.  (Romans 12:2)

                  Ep. 2 The Hopefuls – When a Quaker wagon train needs escorts, Adam and Hoss answer the call; when the Quakers’ money is stolen and they decide to “just let it be,” the Cartwrights ride out to right the wrong.  (Romans 8:28)

                  Ep.3 Fear Merchants – Ben, Adam, Hoss, and Little Joe expose unfair judgment when they defend a Chinese friend unjustly accused of murder. (Luke 6:37)

                  Ep.4 The Mission - Guilt-ridden over an ambush massacre in his past, the former scout has become the town drunk.  Then he and Hoss enter a race for their lives and a search for redemption.  (Psalm 44:26)


Ep. 1 – Death at Dawn – The Cartwright sense of justice is tested when a member of a murderous gang is sentenced to hang, and their leader kidnaps Ben to ransom one life for another.  Adam commits to a perilous plan:  to save Ben he must prove to the gang leader that every evil deed will be punished and there will be justice for all.  (Psalm 106:3)

Ep. 2 – The Abduction – Hoss and Joe see the dangers of greed when two carnival workers take Joe’s rich girlfriend and demand a ransom.  However, Joe tears through the tent world to find her—and the two men discover that death and destruction are the only wages of greed.  (Proverbs 28:25

Ep. 3 – The Last Trophy – Adam helps a former big-game hunter who has become the prey for fear.  To make matters worse, his wife belittles him in a misguided effort to bring him back.  When they are ambushed, the head of the thieves wants to steal the wife and Adam sees the husband must rise above his fear of failure.  (I John 4:18)

Ep.4 – Silent thunder – Joe demonstrates compassion as he teaches sign language to a deaf-mute girl.  After seeing her mistreated by both a local ruffian and her own father, Joe dedicates himself to improving her life.  When the ruffian attacks her father, Joe must come to her defense—and the girl and her father must learn to show one another signs of compassion. (2 Corinthians 1:3-4)


Ep. 1 – Feet of Clay – Hoss Cartwright becomes a father figure when he befriends a young boy whose father is actually a recently     escaped convict.  When Hoss finds the father, a shootout ensues with tragic results.  Hoss must face the young boy, explain his actions, and work to remain the boy’s father figure.  (2 Corinthians 6:18)

Ep. 2 – The Mill – Jealousy ignites when Ben helps a crippled, bitter friend against the plans of a scheming hired hand.  When Ben offers to build a mill for Tom, the hired hand suggests that Ben is after Tom’s wife.  As Tom accuses Ben, the helper plots to take Tom’s land, his home, and  even his life.  No one survives unscathed by the journey of jealousy.  (Proverbs 27:4)

Ep. 3 – Showdown – The Cartwrights demonstrate kindness as they take in a mysterious worker.  After robbing the local bank, Sam hides out as a ranch hand.  Although Little Joe grows suspicious, the Cartwrights give Sam the benefit of the doubt.  When Joe gets taken hostage by the gang, Sam must decide whether or not to draw on kindness.  (Proverbs 11:17)

Ep. 4 – The Stranger – Revenge comes to town when a New Orleans Police Lieutenant charges Ben with murder.  Limping from an old injury he blames on Ben, the Lieutenant states he will escort Ben back to New Orleans.  However, once the two are well into the desert, the man reveals that Ben will never reach New Orleans alive—and lawful duty falls to renegade revenge.  (Romans 12:19)

VCB-816    THE MAYBERRY BIBLE STUDY - (Y/A); 3 videos, 4 sessions ea., 30 min per session; Guide; Primetime Parable Ministries, 2002.

               With practical applications for daily living, all 3 volumes feature classic episodes with relevant scriptures for use as modern parables on the teachings of Jesus.


               Ep. 1 – Andy’s English Valet – Andy Taylor tries to be a gentleman to a gentleman’s gentleman—allowing Malcolm the valet to work off a debt he can’t repay.  However, it’s Andy who serves a higher purpose when he makes Malcolm feel at home by accepting help he doesn’t want.  Finally, this master sees that the only thing better than being served is being of service.  (Ephesians 6:7)

               Ep.2  - Class ReunionAndy and Barney make peace with “the passed”—girl friends, that is—when they look up the old gang to check on their old flames!  But it’s an awkward date, when Barney finds that true love can be truer for others, and Andy learns that some people just can’t come home again.  As the past gives way to the present, our boys look for a peace-filled future. (Psalm 85:8).

               Ep. 3 – Dogs, Dogs, Dogs - A pack of lost pups hunts for refuge with Andy—and nearly turns the courthouse into a doghouse!  Then Barney chases the dogs out—only to fetch them right back when his conscience attacks!  As the pack turns the jail into the pound, Opie reminds them that neither man nor dog should have to beg for mercy!  (Matthew 5:7)

               Ep.4  - The Darlings are Coming – When a hillbilly family comes to pick a friend up, Andy has to lay the law down.  As Mr. Darling stands by a betrothal promise, his daughter Charlene falls hard for the Sheriff, and Andy works overtime to stay true to his duties as Peace Officer!  When each one tries to win, it’s an amazing display of uncommon commitment. (Proverbs 16:3)


               Ep.1 – The Big House- Barney swells with pride—right before he goes bust—when he builds up the small-town courthouse into a big-time jailhouse to impress some captured cons!  But when the crooks execute a few not-so-great escapes, it’s up to Andy Taylor to humbly bring them back.  In this case, the punishment is the reward when the offender Fife commits the crime of pride! (Proverbs 16:18)

               Ep. 2 – The Loaded Goat –See what happens when people pass the buck—or buck the goat!  When a billy-goat named Jimmy wanders through a town under construction, everyone is too busy until it’s almost too late.  It goes to show you can’t keep a good goat down—especially when he’s just dined on dynamite and he’s ready to ram!  It’s an explosive lesson in accountability!  (Proverbs 16:18)

               Ep. 3 – Mountain Wedding – It’s the first appearance of Ernest T. Bass--and “T” stands for trouble!  Mr. Darling asks Andy and Barney for help when Ernest T. tries to woo his daughter Charlene—who is already married to Dud!  While Andy tries to be the best man for the job, Barney ends up in a wedding dress—and Ernest T. gives new meaning to the name trouble-shooter! (Psalm 46:1)

              Ep. 4 – Andy Discovers AmericaWhen Andy tells Opie history is hard, Opie hears history is hardly worth hearing—and both discover teaching is best left to the teacher!  Then Helen Crump sees the students stop learning, and she starts thinking about quitting school. As Andy attempts to correct his homework, everyone gets an education on the subject of teaching!  (Psalm 143:10)


               Ep.1 – High Noon in Mayberry – Andy Taylor shows courage in the face of fear—Barney’s, that is—when a former crooked con comes to set Andy straight.  While Andy refuses to wear a firearm, Barney makes hired guns out of Gomer and Otis!  But when the con arrives with a shotgun box, everyone in town goes weak in the knees—and it’s up to Andy to solve a bad case of courage! (Psalm 23:4)

               Ep. 2 – Barney’s First Car – Fill up the tank with folly as Barney gets all revved up over the rush of a new car.  When Barney shifts into overdrive to make a buy, Andy tries to put on the brakes and consider the decision.  But this sweet deal is too good to be true—and Barney believes it anyway!  Our destination is the town of Folly in the state of Fife when Barney literally takes a road trip. (Proverbs 14:29)

               Ep. 3 – A Wife for Andy- Barney engages gossip when he tried to get Andy married—to nearly every single woman in Mayberry!  While Barney plays mix-and-match-maker, Andy refuses to participate in the secretive pairings—and then comes that fateful first dinner with Helen Crump.  As Cupid goes cross-eyed, Andy quietly waits on true love while Barney becomes a very busy body! (Proverbs 11:13)

               Ep.4 The Great Filling Station Robbery- This episode steals discernment as a young man named Jimmy stands accused and nearly convicted for a crime he just might not have committed!  While Barney jumps at the chance to be judge and jailer, Andy keeps the jury out until he confirms his findings.  When everyone else reaches careless conclusions, only the Sheriff and the suspect show a concern for discernment!  (Philippians 1:9-10)


               Ep. 1 – Opie and the Spoiled Kid- Opie has to evaluate his values when he falls under the influence of a spoiled kid!  With a sweet bike but a sour attitude, Arnold Winkler convinces Opie that he should do fewer chores for more pay.  So Andy Taylor has to correct Opie--and Arnold--and Mr. Winkler as well!  Thankfully, in the end, everyone learns the value of good values! (Luke 16:15)

               Ep. 2 – Aunt Bee’s Medicine Man- Aunt Bee flirts with temptation when a medicine man lures with a cure that is really bad medicine!  When Aunt Bee worries over her age, she becomes vulnerable to the conman Colonel Harvey.  After he gives her an elixir to fix her, Andy discovers the cure-all is almost all-alcohol!  And Aunt Bee sees she only filled a prescription for temptation.  (Matthew 26:41)

               Ep. 3 – Rafe Hollister Sings- Andy encourages a farmer—to sing in the town musicale!  Rafe Hollister is the farmer with the voice of an angel—and an earthy look that rubs the Mayor wrong.  Although Andy tries to dress Rafe up, the Mayor still puts Rafe down.  Finally, Andy decides to support Rafe as Rafe, and even joins him on stage to offer some sound encouragement!  (Hebrews 3:13)

               Ep. 4 – The Rivals- Opie seeks a guide, and gets three—Andy, Barney, and Thelma Lou, too!  After Opie sets his heart on a little girl, Andy advises him to be as nice as he can to her,.  Then when the girl seems to ignore Opie, Thelma Lou makes a delicious distraction with fudge brownies.  But when Barney gets jealous of Thelma Lou and Opie, the competitive Deputy shows exactly why nice guides finish first!  (Proverbs 11:14)

VCB -817  THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES BIBLE STUDY - (Y/A); 3 videos, 4 sess. ea. 30 min per session; Guide; The Entertainment Ministry 2001. (Gift)

               All three volumes of this study feature classic episodes with scriptural applications for use as modern parables on the teaching of Jesus.


               Ep. 1 – The Clampetts Strike Oil- After a hard life in the mountains, Jed heads for the good life in Beverly Hills when he sells his oil-filled swamp for $25 million and moves his family to the kinder climate of California. (Jeremiah 29:11)

               Ep. 2 – Getting Settled- Watch what happens when the Clampetts move to their new mansion and encounter a cement cattle pond, a stove with no stovepipe, and one lone “chicken”—with pink feathers and stretch legs too!  Lucky for the Clampetts, there’s no place like home! (Ecclesiastes 3:1, 2b)

               Ep. 3 -          The Clampetts Meet Mrs. Drysdale- A simple misunderstanding causes complicated consequences after Mr. Drysdale asks the Hillbillies to hide their still from his wife, and the Clampetts assume Mrs. Drysdale must be a drinking woman! (Proverbs 23:23)

               Ep. 4 – Elly Needs a Maw- Track the effects of multiple motives as Jed looks for a maw for Elly, the Widow Fenwick looks for a fellow real estate investor and Mr. Drysdale looks for a way to land both of them at his bank.  It’s the tale of the matchmaker banker and mismatched millionaires!  (I Chronicles 28:9b)


               Ep. 1 - Elly’s First Date- Watch what happens Elly May brings out the worst in the Drysdale family:  Sonny Drysdale.  Mr. Drysdale’s adult stepson acts very childish when he sees Elly and fawns, fusses, and frets—over himself!  It’s a fractured fairy tale as humble Beauty meets vain Beast!  (James 4:10)

               Ep.2 – Jed Plays Solomon- Witness the wisdom in forgiveness as Granny feuds with cousin Pearl and Jed must keep peace between the two!  When Pearl’s yodeling pierces Granny’s ears, Granny sics the dogs—then the Law—on Pearl! Granny’s revenge backfires when the police find her still!  (Ephesians 4:32)

               Ep. 3 – The Clampetts in Court- Document the events when the Clampett’s truck gets bumped by a recless driver—who sues when he learns that the Hillbillies have millions!  Then Jed acts as a generous judge when he relies to give the man his money!  (2 Corinthians 9:6)

               Ep.4 – The Giant Jackrabbit- After an Australian banker sends Mr. Drysdale a kangaroo, Granny thinks she’s found a five-foot jackrabbit.  When Jed can’t find the critter, he hides Granny’s jug.  As Jed struggles to believe, Granny stews over jackrabbit stew!  (2 Corinthians 9:6)


               Ep. 1-  Jethro Goes to School- Jethro makes the grade—Fifth to be exact—against the wishes of the snooty principal!  Then tall Cousin Jerhrine falls for a short new beau, who Pearl thinks just doesn’t measure up.  As Jethro gets enrolled and Jethrine gets engaged, everyone learns that appearances don’t make the person.  (John 7:24)

               Ep. 2 - The Servants- Get served a heap of hospitality as Mr. Drysdale asks the Clampetts to board his servants—in a secret effort to sophisticate the Hillbillies!  The plan comes apart when the help heads for the hills—ironically.  Jed juggles to make everyone feel accepted in a full house of different folks!  (Romans 15:7)

               Ep. 3 – The Girl from Home- This episode proposed the story of Jethro’s proposal to a girl from home—according to her, that is.  Actually, the girl is in love with another boy, and the father is in love with Jed’s fortune.  Before Jed figures out who wants what, Jethro gets marriage on his mind for all the wrong reasons!  (I Corinthians 13:4)

                 Ep. 4 – The Clampetts Go Hollywood- Introducing “Cousin” Jake Clampett—a would-be actor with the same last name who cons Jed into producing a film.  Soon Elly looks like Marilyn Monroe, while Jethro mimics Marlon Brando.  As his family follows false idols, Jed sees a monster movie of a whole new kind!  (Exodus 20:4)

DVB-818    GILLIGAN’S ISLAND AND THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS - (Y/A); 1 DVD; 7 sessions; The Entertainment Ministry, 2007.


               Session 1 – Rescue from Gilligan’s Island - As they finally get their chance to get off the island, you’ll be amazed at how our seven

stranded Castaways really do comically commit the seven deadly sins!  (Mark 7:21-23)

               Session 2  - Gilligan and the Skipper - Back in civilization, at work on their new boat, our two crewman are not only at their wacky

               worst—lazy and angry—but also their unexpected best—diligent and patient!  (Ephesians 4:26-27)

               Session 3 – Ginger -  The movie star finds that she doesn’t want to tempt Hollywood with a comeback—because Hollywood wants to

tempt the audience with too much lust! (Proverbs 6:25-26)

                    Session 4 – The Professor - The teacher is tested when he must choose between pride or humility at the University  Now the Professor must learn a lesson on how to keep pride in—and out of—his work! (Proverbs 16:18)

               Session 5 – Thurston & Lovey Howell - At a dinner party, the millionaire and his wife appear as they usually are—greedy and

               gluttonous—as well as how they should be—generous and restrained.  (Luke 12:15 & Proverbs 23:1-3)

               Session 6 – Mary Ann -  On her long-delayed wedding  day, our favorite girl-next-door goes from envious to envied. And Mary Ann

               sees why anyone who is green with envy is usually blue about it!  (Proverbs 14:30)

                    Session 7 – Here on Gilligan’s Isle-Again - Just before embarking on another three-hour tour, the seven soon-to-be-restranded castaways show how they have learned to live together through the seven holy virtues.  (Colossians 3:12)

DVB-819        THE D.V.D. (DICK VAN DYKE) BIBLE STUDY - (Y/A); 2 videos, 3 sessions ea. , 25 min. ea. ;Guide; Workbook, CD guide; The Entertainment Ministry, 2002. (Gift)


With practical applications for daily living, Volumes 1 and 2 feature classic episodes with relevant scriptures to use as modern parables on the teachings of Jesus.

VCB-820 THE LUCY SHOW (Y/A); 3 videos, 12 sessions , 25 min ea.;
                        Leader’s Guide, Workbook, Entertainment Ministry, 2004. (Gift)

The Lucy Show Bible Study will help you reach adults, youth, and even non-church members.  With practical applications for daily living, all three volumes feature classic episodes with relevant scriptures for you to use as modern parables on the teachings of Jesus. 
    .1 Volume 1
        Sess. 1 Lucy the Bean Queen – Ecclesiastes 7:29 (Schemes)
        Sess. 2 Lucy’s Substitute Secretary – Philippians 4:6 (Worry)
        Sess. 3 Lucy Gets Trapped – Leviticus 19:11 (Lies)
        Sess. 4 Lucy Gets Caught in the Draft – Matthew 7:12 (Legalism)
    .2 Volume 2
        Sess. 1 Lucy and the Efficiency Expert – Matthew 5:48 (Perfection)
        Sess. 2 Lucy the Star Maker – James 1:17 (Gifts)
        Sess. 3 Lucy Meets the Law – Proverbs 3:30 (Accusations)
        Sess. 4 Lucy in Show Business – Ps. 86:2 (Devotion)
    .3 Volume 3
        Sess. 1 Lucy Gets a Roommate – Colossians 4:5 (Outreach)
        Sess. 2 Lucy and the Ring-a-Ding Ring – Philippians 4:11 (Happiness)
       Sess. 3 Lucy and the Submarine Commander – I Corinthians 1:31 (Boasts)
       Sess. 4 Lucy and the Look-alike  - Genesis 1:27 (Likeness)

DVB-821  THE JOHN WAYNE MOVIE BIBLE STUDY - (Y/A); 4 sessions; Leader’s Guide; Workbook; 4 sessions, 25  min.; ea.; Primetime Parable Ministries, 2009.  (Gift)

This DVD-based Bible study features lessons and discussions based on the movie, “Angel and the Bad
News.”  With practical applications for daily living, this video-based Bible study features a classic film with
relevant scriptures for you to use as modern parables on the teachings of Jesus
        .1    The Badman (Mark 7:21-23)
        .2    The Angel (Romans 12:11-13
        .3    The Law or the Lawless (Joshua 24:15)
         .4   This Pilgrim’s Progress (Titus 2:11-14)

VCB-822   DISCIPLE:  BECOMING DISCIPLES THOUGH  STUDY - (Y/A); 5 videos, 90 min. ea.; 8 8-12 min. sessions  ea.; Graded Press, 1993 Promotional video is included. (Gift).
This overview of the entire Bible gives the Old and New Testaments equal time, emphasizing the wholeness of the Bible as a revelation of God.  It combines the work of scholars, the personal Bible reading and study of the participant, video presentations, and dynamic group discussion to aid understanding of the Bible. 
        .1    Old Testament:  Sessions 1 – 8
        .2    Old Testament:  Sessions 9 – 16
        .3    New Testament:  Sessions 18-25
        .4    New Testament:  Sessions 26-34
        .5    Especially for Youth:  Lessons 2, 4, 9, 17, & 30

DVB-824    THE BIBLE (The Epic Miniseries) - (Y/A); 4 DVDs, 10 sessions; Total 440 min.; Good Times, 2013.
The Bible covers the story of the Bible from Genesis through Revelation with powerful performances of the tales of faith and courage.  The final session tells the story of Pentecost and the early church.  Special features are also included.

DVB-825  COVENANT BIBLE STUDY - (A); 3 DVDs; Leader’s Guide; 3 Participants Guides; Meditation Book; Abingdon Press, 2014.
The Covenant experience will guide participants in a comprehensive, in-depth study of the Bible over twenty-four weeks.  This in-depth study  emphasizes the biblical concept of covenant as a unifying pattern through all the books in the Old and New Testaments.  It underscores the unique relationship that God chooses to have with us as God’s people.  The three covenant guides contain eight episodes, show you what to read and offer space to interact personally with the book introductions, daily Bible readings, Covenant Prayers,  and weekly covenant Meditations.   The DVDs are:
        .1    Creating the Covenant features the way the covenant community is established.
        .2    Living the Covenant features the way the community wisely lives out covenants in faithful love.
        3.    Trusting the Covenant  features the way God’s people are restored to hope and why we can trust God when troubling things happen.