2020 Stewardship Campaign

Believers & Friends Giving Together

Dear Members and Friends of Stone Church,

Autumn is here, and sure as the turning of leaves leads to brilliant foliage, at Stone we begin our annual Stewardship Campaign.  “We give because God has given first,” Pastor Sammie noted at a recent Stewardship Committee meeting.  Her statement rings true even as we share varied impressions of God – from the deeply personal, to a “ground of all being,” to having questions – while we fully take part in Stone’s creative and lively community of believers and friends.


As we chose our theme, “Believers and Friends Giving Together” and reflected upon the forthcoming campaign, three core realities came into view.

First, we are blessed with a strong cadre of individuals and families who pledge and give, year-in and year-out, and who most likely would, Stewardship campaign or no Stewardship campaign.  For you, we are profoundly thankful.  If God is our foundation and corner stone, you all are many layers of the structure rising just above that.


Next, what if you’re still deciding about whether to make a pledge?  If you’re young and/or have limited resources, think about how Jesus was singularly touched by a widow’s small offering.  When we give, as we are able, God notices and blesses.  And if for any reason you just aren’t ready to commit now, join us in experiencing what takes place in this community.  See all the small miracles who rush forward to hear the children’s sermon!  Hear the choir, and be refreshed by consistently interesting and challenging sermons.  Look at the activism and the giving done by StoneWorks, to aid local ministries and the wider world.  Revel in the companionship of friends, who will be there for you through thick and thin.  Then when you’re ready, please consider making a pledge.


Lastly, to stay even year after year, we need to cover about a 3-4 per cent annual increase in our budget.  Costs just keep creeping up.  So thank you, in advance, for factoring that in as you consider your pledge for next year. And please remember that if your financial situation changes and you can no longer complete your pledge, just let us know.  That’s all right.


On Consecration Sunday, Nov. 3, we’ll then collect completed pledge cards during worship.  After worship, please join us for lunch in the Social Hall.


Thank you for your generosity!


Rod Thorn, on behalf of the Stewardship Committee:

Jody Meacham, Chair

Charlotte McNelis, Youth Elder

Angie Davidson

MaryStone Bowers

Rod Thorn

Click the image below to download a pledge card for 2020.

10-7-19 pledge card.jpg
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